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Czkawka (tch•kav•ka (IPA: [ˈʧ̑kafka]), “hiccup” in Polish) is a simple, fast and free app to remove unnecessary files from your computer.

Krokiet ((IPA: [ˈkrɔcɛt]), “croquet” in Polish) same as above, but uses Slint frontend.




Changelog and new releases can be found in Github releases or in

More about latest version, you can find in Medium article

Usage, installation, compilation, requirements, license

Each tool uses different technologies, so you can find instructions for each of them in the appropriate file:

Comparison to other tools

Bleachbit is a master at finding and removing temporary files, while Czkawka only finds the most basic ones. So these two apps shouldn’t be compared directly or be considered as an alternative to one another.

In this comparison remember, that even if app have same features they may work different(e.g. one app may have more options to choose than other).

  Czkawka Krokiet FSlint DupeGuru Bleachbit
Language Rust Rust Python Python/Obj-C Python
Framework base language C Rust C C/C++/Obj-C/Swift C
Framework GTK 4 Slint PyGTK2 Qt 5 (PyQt)/Cocoa PyGTK3
OS Lin,Mac,Win Lin,Mac,Win Lin Lin,Mac,Win Lin,Mac,Win
Duplicate finder  
Empty files    
Empty folders    
Temporary files  
Big files      
Similar images    
Similar videos      
Music duplicates(tags)    
Invalid symlinks    
Broken files      
Names conflict    
Invalid names/extensions    
Installed packages        
Bad ID        
Non stripped binaries        
Redundant whitespace        
Overwriting files      
Multiple languages  
Cache support    
In active development Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Other apps

There are many similar applications to Czkawka on the Internet, which do some things better and some things worse:



Due to limited time, the biggest emphasis is on the GUI version so if you are looking for really good and feature-packed console apps, then take a look at these:


Contributions to this repository are welcome.

You can help by creating:

You can also help by doing other things:


Big thanks to Pádraig Brady, creator of fantastic FSlint, because without his work I wouldn’t create this tool.

Thanks also to all the people who create patches for this program, make it available on other systems, create videos, articles about it etc.

Also, I really appreciate work of people that create crates on which Czkawka is based and for that I try to report bugs to make it even better.


If you are using the app, I would appreciate a donation for its further development, which can be done here.